Sedation Dentistry in
Denver, Colorado

To ensure you are relaxed, our doctors are trained to offer an alternative to those patients who are reluctant in pursuing dental treatments.

If you have always wished that you could sail through a dental appointment with little or no stress, we at Retro Dental Highlands have the perfect solution for you. Our sedation services are ideal for patients coping with varying fears and dental issues, including highly sensitive teeth, strong gag reflex or a strong dislike for all things related to dental appointments. We offer many types of sedation. We provide oral sedation to help the patients relax if needed, as well as laughing gas for those who prefer this option. For more anxious patients, we have IV sedation to create an even more comfortable and relaxed patient experience.

Happy, Content or Totally Unaware…The Choice Is Yours

Sedation dentistry in Denver at Retro Dental Highlands is for those who have moderate to high fear or anxiety to some or any of the dental procedures that they may need.

If you find yourself avoiding the dentist at all costs due to dental anxiety, our doctors and dental team understand what you are going through, and we are ready and willing to help. No matter if it is just a routine cleaning and checkup or a more complicated dental procedure like a root canal or extraction, we will offer you minimal, moderate, and deep sedation dentistry to help make your visit a positive experience. Oral sedation is a popular choice that will help calm your dental anxiety.

You will take prescribed pills an hour before your appointment to help you feel calm and relaxed. Laughing gas is the most frequently used method of sedation dentistry. This is an odorless, colorless gas, administered by using a facemask, giving you complete relaxation. After using this type of sedation, when the procedure is finished, you are not impaired and have the ability to drive yourself home. The IV sedation requires you to bring someone along to drive you home. IV sedation is for patients with severe anxiety and will be administered intravenously. The beauty of this sedation is that you will not remember a thing.

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Peggy E.

Everyone at this office is great. The hygienist, Kayla, really takes her time and listens. The doc and assistants are the same. You don't expect a great experience at the dentist, but I felt really comfortable here.

Nick N.

Always great and professional. Connie really goes out of her way to check in on patients before and after their visits. All the hygienists are great! Dr. Arens just took over the practice but seems like a very professional and thorough dentist.

Wayne E.

I've been going to Retro since before it was Retro, and I've always had very good experiences! Connie is so great and personable, and all the hygienists are super friendly. I always feel well taken-care-of by the doctors and the entire staff.
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