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Our children’s dentist in Denver will ensure your kids will have the best oral health.

At Retro Dental Highlands, we are your kids’ dental experts. We are children friendly and committed to children of all ages, performing various procedures ranging from teeth cleaning and x-rays to tooth restoration and extractions. We are committed to giving your children a positive dental experience. Some parents ask if there is anything they can to do to prepare their children for their appointment. Yes, there is. You may reassure your child that there is nothing to fear at the dentist visit and you explain that, during the visit, the dentist will brush, examine and touch, count and take pictures of their teeth. Our dental assistants will provide each child with education on teeth brushing, flossing, and rinsing for good oral hygiene. We will care for your children like you do and provide them with a winning smile and better self-esteem.

Primary Teeth Are Important

Denver kids’ dentist is Retro Dental Highlands; they will provide your children with healthy gums and clean teeth.

Improper care of baby teeth can lead to tooth decay and problems, which affect the development of permanent teeth. Therefore, it is imperative that your children maintain the health of their primary teeth.

We love kids!

Baby teeth, or primary teeth, are important for a number of reasons, such as proper chewing and eating, providing adequate space for their permanent teeth, and helping to guide those permanent teeth into the correct position, and allowing normal development of their muscles and jaw bones. Primary teeth can also affect the development of speech and can add to your child’s appearance. The front four teeth will last until they are about six or seven, and the cuspids and molars (back teeth) are replaced at the ages of ten to thirteen. It is recommended that your child see a dentist after their first birthday to optimize their dental care.

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Peggy E.

Everyone at this office is great. The hygienist, Kayla, really takes her time and listens. The doc and assistants are the same. You don't expect a great experience at the dentist, but I felt really comfortable here.

Nick N.

Always great and professional. Connie really goes out of her way to check in on patients before and after their visits. All the hygienists are great! Dr. Arens just took over the practice but seems like a very professional and thorough dentist.

Wayne E.

I've been going to Retro since before it was Retro, and I've always had very good experiences! Connie is so great and personable, and all the hygienists are super friendly. I always feel well taken-care-of by the doctors and the entire staff.
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