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We are committed to comfort-conscious care, using the newest technology to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and happy. Whether you need routine dental care for an exam, cleaning or cavity— or specialized services for orthodontic or cosmetic needs, you can depend on us to give you a unique dental experience. We use the newest technologies in the hands of expert dentists and skilled dental staff; as well as the tranquility of knowing that you are being taken care of by compassionate and experienced professionals.

We believe that you, as the patient, should feel comfortable and stress-free as you enter our doors. Throughout your treatment process, our staff will continue to put you at ease while providing you with the best dental services anywhere. When you leave our office and head for home, it is our intent that you will not hesitate to call us again for future dental needs. You will be impressed with our technology that eliminates pain and speeds healing. Retro Dental Highlands will remove feelings of fear, pain and discomfort, and you will find yourself never fearing the dentist again— while enjoying the smile of your dreams!

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